A review of Vogue 9021 dress pattern.

This weekend is my 12th wedding anniversary, needless to say there is no night out planned!! I thought I would share a make from over a year ago when I did go out. This is a dress I made for my latest big ‘O’ birthday! I’ve since decided to make this a thing. On the whole I like to dress comfortably and enjoy making practical clothes that I wear a lot. I wore this dress to a lovely restaurant for a meal that I was treated to by my whole family.  Low key dressing would have been OK but I felt like making it a more dressed up occasion.

I really enjoyed making the dress and also wearing it. It is actually super comfortable too.

The pattern is Vogue 9021 which is described as a very easy pattern. I made it in a super soft needle cord from my range of Lady McElroy fabrics.

dressmaking blog post from Bobbins and buttons

The style features low armholes and cape like sleeves. The pattern offers a longer and shorter length pencil skirt. I opted for the longer length. I also decided to line the skirt. A lining is not part of the pattern. However I always feel more comfortable in dresses (especially if I wear tights) if they have a lining.

dressmaking blog post from Bobbins and buttons

I always make a toile, especially as I know I am not a standard size. Generally speaking I always have to do a full bust adjustment on any tops or dresses. Other than that I am often lucky and don’t usually need any other adjustments. Every pattern brand and style is different so I always prefer to check and tweak as necessary.

With this style I didn’t need to make any adjustments. I think because the sleeves are wide and cape like this perhaps compensated for a fuller bust.

I was curious to see how the sleeves worked and how they would sit on the body as they appear very low cut. They are indeed very low cut and were you to put your hands up in the air you would definitely flash a large chunk of bra. Not the best idea for a full bust, but I liked the dress so carried on. In the end I decided to buy a nude colour body to wear underneath. I feel like I could wear it without. Definitely for a smaller busted lady I think it would feel fine as the drapey sleeves keep you fairly well covered.

dressmaking blog post from Bobbins and buttons

I would class this as a very easy dress to make and given the cape sleeves making fitting the top part pretty easy I think its an all round winner. However fitted styles like this I only regard as easy if you happen to be close to standard sizes, complicated adjustments do add a fair amount of extra work to create a well fitted dress.

dressmaking blog post from Bobbins and buttons

I’ve enjoyed writing this and remembering a lovely day out. I spotted a bottle of fizz in the fridge so I will enjoy a special evening with my lovely hubby. Feeling very blessed for having health and happiness and a wonderful family.

dressmaking blog post from Bobbins and buttons

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