kids wardrobe - March

The kids wardrobe – March 2015

By Julia Claridge | April 3, 2015
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Totally off the schedule this month! Everything I had planned this month got pushed a side for two fun and frivolous reasons and one very sad reason. I am busy working towards the launch of a new website that will include my range of children’s clothing styles for sale as made to order items. I’ve…

kids wardrobe

The kids wardrobe – February 2015

By Julia Claridge | March 6, 2015
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I am super busy on my quest to launch a childrens wear range of styles. I blinked and my two babies are 3 years old and 5 years old. Before I know it they will have grown out of the age range I plan to sell. So I thought I would try and find solutions…

Sew Sociable

Sew Sociable – February 2015!

By Julia Claridge | March 4, 2015
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At the February Sew Sociable event I told my story of my experience teaching in South Africa! How it happened and what happened as well as the huge influence it had on what I have done since. I started off with a little tribute to my mum, who started off my love of sewing when I…

A coat

My handmade wardrobe – A coat- February 2015!

By Julia Claridge | March 2, 2015
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OK technically my year of not buying any clothes and only making them is over and I achieved my goal. So now I can stop making clothes to blog about ..right!? Well the thing is….. I love my handmade wardrobe so much, making clothes is great, having clothes that fit is great, having gorgeous fabric…

problem solving

My handmade wardrobe – problem solving!

By Julia Claridge | January 29, 2015
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Well here it is…. the first month of freedom, no rules. Free to buy clothes. I completed my challenge. So January 1st I polished my credit card, popped on my most comfortable shoes and set off for a day at the sales to stock up on a whole new wardrobe of clothes and just went…

The kids wardrobe

The kids wardrobe – The beginnings!

By Julia Claridge | January 26, 2015
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I started my business Bobbins and Buttons around two years ago. Pretty much all aspects of the business were inspired by my kids. From wanting to have flexible time through to inspiration for projects. It was fairly early on that I started developing children’s clothing styles as projects for my sewing classes. It was always…

handmade wardrobe year - December

My handmade wardrobe year – December!

By Julia Claridge | December 31, 2014
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Here its is one WHOLE year tomorrow since I wrote a post that I planned to only make my clothes and not buy any! Each month I have written a post about how I’ve got on, I am very pleased to say I have not purchased one single item of clothing. This month my only…

handmade wardrobe year - November

My handmade wardrobe year – November

By Julia Claridge | December 8, 2014
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Nearly at the end of a whole year of only making clothes and not buying any. I am happy to report not a single ready made garment has be purchased! This month I dug out my stock pile of M&S classic cardies for a bit of upgrading. They are all the same so I wanted to…

handmade wardrobe year - October

My handmade wardrobe year – October

By Julia Claridge | November 6, 2014
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The end of month 10 of only making clothes and not buying ANY!! I am so happy that I have managed to achieve this plan. With the end of the year in site I feel positive that I won’t be buying any ready made clothes, in fact I feel very happy the way it has…

handmade wardrobe year - September

My handmade wardrobe year – September

By Julia Claridge | October 7, 2014
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For the month of September I decided to take some time out from actual sewing and do some sewing planning. The thing about making all your own clothes is you do have to plan ahead a bit. With the change of seasons imminent it seemed a good time to pull out the stash and the unfinished…