Fabric box

Fabric box bottom gift-bag tutorial

By Julia Claridge | December 19, 2016
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This is a simple little project that ticks lots of boxes and has lots of possibilities. I think a fabric gift bag adds an element of individuality and luxury to a simple gift or an extra special flourish to a special gift. It is also a great way to use some of that stash of lovely…

velvet bomber jacket

Plush velvet bomber jacket project for Sew Now magazine

By Julia Claridge | December 6, 2016
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Its very exciting to discover a new sewing magazine has recently launched. Sew Now mixes sewing projects with the latest high street trends, which seems like a great idea to me. Shopping and sewing all in one magazine! I mean.. what could be better? Its equally as exciting to find myself designing a project for the second…

fat quarter

What is a fat quarter?

By Julia Claridge | November 28, 2016
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Fabrics are often sold in fat quarters, especially in bundles in the world of quilting. However until you know, you might be wondering what exactly a fat quarter is. So I thought I would write a post to explain this sizing…   This diagram shows the fabric roll at the top, the selvedges at the…

pom pom scarf

Kids knit fabric pom pom scarf tutorial

By Julia Claridge | November 16, 2016
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I recently posted the tutorial for this fun kids pom pom jersey fabric hat and promised to follow with this post for a matching scarf. You can make both items from 50cm sweatshirt fabric and 50cm of cotton jersey fabric. Great to keep your little ones snuggly over the winter months. I think they also…

buying fabric online

Tips for buying fabric online!

By Julia Claridge | November 12, 2016
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I feel I have become something of an expert on buying fabric online over the past few years. Especially since becoming a mum (7 years ago). I think most mums would agree that shopping with a baby or young child in tow is not straight forward or relaxing. But much as we love our little cherubs we…

Halloween costumes

This years Halloween costumes!

By Julia Claridge | November 6, 2016
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This year I decided it was going to be a bit to much to make Halloween costumes as the whole month of October was choc-a-bloc busy with sewing projects and then standing at The Big Textile show over the last two days of the month. However proposing this idea to the kids resulted in a…

pom pom hat

Kids fun jersey pom pom hat tutorial

By Julia Claridge | October 18, 2016
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I credit this idea to my friend Jem who knitted hats like this for both my kids a couple of years ago and they wore them continuously through the Winter. I thought it would be fun to see if it was possible to stitch a jersey version. I let my mini super models be the…

Ladies hooded sweatshirt

Ladies hooded sweatshirt project for Sewing World magazine.

By Julia Claridge | October 4, 2016
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Last month my ladies hooded sweatshirt project was published in Sewing World magazine. Though we have been enjoying a lovely warm start to the Autumn I’m sure colder weather won’t be far away! This is a lovely easy make and so comfy to wear. Perfect to keep you cosy in cooler weather. Since submitting this project…

School book bag

School book bag tutorial

By Julia Claridge | September 22, 2016
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My little boy started school this Autumn, I had everything organised, shirts, trousers, tie, water bottle etc. Everything except a book bag, which I believed needed to be one with the school logo on. However on school start date the bags were out of stock and not due in for several weeks, this is when I…

Dinosaur party

ROARRRRRR….Dinosaur party time!

By Julia Claridge | September 8, 2016
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Last week marked two big milestones for my little boy…starting school and turning five!! As usual the birthday was celebrated with a homemade themed party. Dinosaurs have been the most interesting thing for so long that no other theme was likely to be acceptable. Preparations began early with some group family activities. I had the idea…