Easter basket

Triangle patchwork Easter basket sewing tutorial.

By Julia Claridge | March 15, 2016
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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Over the last couple of years I have been busy blogging about my handmade wardrobe, since setting myself the goal of not buying any clothes and only making them in 2014. However with a bulging wardrobe and an equally bulging sketchbook of project ideas I think its time to divide…

White Tree fabrics

My first blog post for White Tree fabrics

By Julia Claridge | March 10, 2016
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Follow my blog with Bloglovin I was very excited to become part of the White tree blogging team. As soon as I found out I popped the kettle on and sat down for a quick perusal of the fabrics and patterns available. A good hour later I was still trying to narrow down my short…

stitch in the history

A stitch in the history of motherhood.

By Julia Claridge | March 6, 2016
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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Like most of us I don’t need a special day to think about my mum, but it is quite nice that we all nationally unite on Mothering Sunday to celebrate this wonderful relationship. Whether you are a daughter, a mother or a grandmother I don’t think there is any doubting…

World book day

The World book day disaster!!

By Julia Claridge | March 4, 2016
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Follow my blog with Bloglovin A couple of weeks ago someone mentioned World book day, which prompted a conversation with my little girl about what to dress up as this year. Last year Ella dressed up as Cinderella, as depicted in the Ladybird story book that I had as a little girl. It was the…

kids wardrobe - t-shirts

The kids wardrobe – t-shirts – January 2016

By Julia Claridge | February 12, 2016
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I am a bit late writing my monthly blog posts this month. January seems to have become mid February all of a sudden! Nevertheless lots has been going on as usual. Development wise I have been working on a basic semi fitted t-shirt block. A simple style that I want to offer as a sewing…

The coat

My handmade wardrobe – The coat – January 2016

By Julia Claridge | February 11, 2016
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This is the January post, however it is a bit past the end of January now! I have been super busy writing magazine projects and planning, organising, scheduling and generally working things out, I have sore finger tips from typing and therefore I am a bit late writing my monthly blog posts. I am very…

kids wardrobe - proud mummy

The kids wardrobe – proud mummy – December 2015

By Julia Claridge | December 30, 2015
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This months issue of Sewing World magazine was very exciting, it not only featured my ladies linen apron dress, which is one of my fav projects for the magazine, but it also featured the first installment of my bridesmaid dress. The bridesmaid dress is part of a trio of projects the next installments with coordinating…

handmade wardrobe - hello

My handmade wardrobe – hello – December 2015

By Julia Claridge | December 29, 2015
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The end of this month marks the end of the second year of my handmade wardrobe blog!! I think I am now firmly routed into making my own clothes. But have I made any purchases of ready made clothing over the past two years?……….No! My rules allowed me to buy hosiery, lingerie and footwear but…

the shop

The shop is officially open!!- November 2015

By Julia Claridge | December 1, 2015
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This month after many weeks, several months and a few years of sorting out, planning, pondering and working I finally launched my kids clothing range as part of my online shop.  I tied the online launch in with an open evening held in Leicester upstairs at The Globe pub.  So it seems like a good time…

handmade wardrobe - getting organised

My handmade wardrobe – getting organised – November 2015

By Julia Claridge | November 30, 2015
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I had a major big sort out this month which took priority over any blog sewing. I do often have little sort outs that include shuffling a few pieces of fabric into a box and marking it ‘projects in progress ‘or turning out a couple of boxes that have been ‘discovered’ by searching for something!…