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handmade wardrobe year - June

My handmade wardrobe year – June

By Julia Claridge | July 2, 2014
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This was really the month I thought I may fail at not buying any clothes and only making them. But no!! Not even a sniff of a purchase. The warm weather always inspires a wardrobe clear out and desire for a few new seasonal additions. I am feeling quite proud of myself that I have…

handmade wardrobe year - May

My handmade wardrobe year – May

By Julia Claridge | June 5, 2014
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5 months of not buying any clothes, and yes I am still very happy to confirm that not even a glimmer of a purchase has occurred! I did have one very special mission for the month of May and that was to make a dress for the first Sew Sociable event. This may sound like no…

handmade wardrobe year - April

My handmade wardrobe year – April

By Julia Claridge | May 4, 2014
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Wow where did April just disappear to? End of month four of not buying any clothes, only making them! I would say I am really proud of myself because I have not bought a single item of clothing, but I haven’t even felt tempted. The change in weather has got me looking for more seasonally appropriate items in…

handmade wardrobe year - March

My handmade wardrobe year – March

By Julia Claridge | April 8, 2014
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End of month three of not buying any clothes and only making them! Feeling really happy that I have still not been remotely tempted to buy any. Actually I’m loving the fabric shopping and conjuring up in my head thoughts of making anything I want to, instead of being restricted by what the shops are…

sewing mum

Mums the word! – It’s special to be a sewing mum.

By Julia Claridge | March 26, 2014
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Becoming a mum was really the inspiration and motivation for starting my sewing business. Motherhood also underpins a lot of what I do within the business. I really like what I call the heritage value of sewing. By this I mean the way this skill is passed on through the generations. Certainly that is the…

handmade wardrobe year - February

My handmade wardrobe year – February

By Julia Claridge | March 3, 2014
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The end of my second month of not buying ANY clothes and so far not even a glimmer of temptation  I feel like I am doing quite well. It has bought on new feelings towards clothes, I don’t feel like I am trying to be good. I feel like I have opened up a whole new world of…

handmade wardrobe

My handmade wardrobe year – end of the first month

By Julia Claridge | February 4, 2014
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The end of my first month of buying no clothes and only making them! OK its probably unlikely to be difficult to restrain from buying clothes in the first 4 weeks of the year! And yes I successfully did not buy any clothing at all. However in my first week devastation did hit my wardrobe! I had bought a…

dressmaking for beginners

Successful dressmaking for beginners – fabric

By Julia Claridge | February 3, 2014
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Getting the right fabric for your garment is often the difference between a successful garment and a disaster. When faced with racks of gorgeous fabrics, prints and colours it can be difficult to know where to start and how to get the right fabric. This is my beginners guide to fabric, an overview of fabric types and…


Successful dressmaking for beginners – a starting point

By Julia Claridge | January 17, 2014
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Deciding to make your own clothes especially if you are also new to sewing can be quite a daunting process to consider. There are lots of reasons why people decide to make their own clothes, from fit issues with shop standard sizes to personal individual style. You might like the idea of knowing your garment…

handmade wardrobe year

My handmade wardrobe year – Jan 2014

By Julia Claridge | January 2, 2014
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Yesterday I announced on Facebook and twitter that my New Year resolution would be to only make my clothes and not to buy ANY for a whole year. I also plan to blog about my progress and what I make every month. So here by way of a kick start, I thought I better set…

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