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The Big Textile show – part three!

By Julia Claridge | October 4, 2014
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This is the last part of my report from The Big Textile Show. It did turn out to be a much bigger report than I first thought and by this point in the weekend I was on a mission with about an hour left before the show closed I could see I might not get finished…. The Silk…

Big Textile show - part two

The Big Textile show – part two!

By Julia Claridge | October 3, 2014
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The end of my part one blog post was pretty much the end of my first day at the Big Textile show. Day two I meet up with some of my fellow Sew Sociable team members including Sarah from Crafty Sew and so who was running a workshop to make a fabric and bead necklace. Sarah…

Big Textile show - part one

The Big Textile show – part one!

By Julia Claridge | October 2, 2014
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Big up for the Big Textile show! What a great weekend, it really wasn’t long enough! This fabulous show is credit to the organiser Jenny Lees. Jenny is a passionate felt maker and the regional co-ordinator for The International Felt Makers Association in the east midlands. After a trip to one of the London textile shows…

handmade wardrobe year - August

My handmade wardrobe year – August

By Julia Claridge | September 3, 2014
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Month 8 of not buying any clothes and only making them.  August is also the month of my birthday, of which I was allowed to receive clothing as a gift, according to my rules made in January. However I am very happy to say I didn’t receive any pre-made clothing and still have not purchased one single little…

handmade wardrobe year - July

My handmade wardrobe year – July

By Julia Claridge | August 1, 2014
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Another month, now officially over half a year of not buying any clothes and only making them. This month included my summer holiday. Usually before my holiday I buy at least a couple of new items. I did have a small craving for a Top shop promo offer of new vest tops which are always…

handmade wardrobe year - June

My handmade wardrobe year – June

By Julia Claridge | July 2, 2014
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This was really the month I thought I may fail at not buying any clothes and only making them. But no!! Not even a sniff of a purchase. The warm weather always inspires a wardrobe clear out and desire for a few new seasonal additions. I am feeling quite proud of myself that I have…

handmade wardrobe year - May

My handmade wardrobe year – May

By Julia Claridge | June 5, 2014
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5 months of not buying any clothes, and yes I am still very happy to confirm that not even a glimmer of a purchase has occurred! I did have one very special mission for the month of May and that was to make a dress for the first Sew Sociable event. This may sound like no…

handmade wardrobe year - April

My handmade wardrobe year – April

By Julia Claridge | May 4, 2014
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Wow where did April just disappear to? End of month four of not buying any clothes, only making them! I would say I am really proud of myself because I have not bought a single item of clothing, but I haven’t even felt tempted. The change in weather has got me looking for more seasonally appropriate items in…

handmade wardrobe year - March

My handmade wardrobe year – March

By Julia Claridge | April 8, 2014
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End of month three of not buying any clothes and only making them! Feeling really happy that I have still not been remotely tempted to buy any. Actually I’m loving the fabric shopping and conjuring up in my head thoughts of making anything I want to, instead of being restricted by what the shops are…

sewing mum

Mums the word! – It’s special to be a sewing mum.

By Julia Claridge | March 26, 2014
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Becoming a mum was really the inspiration and motivation for starting my sewing business. Motherhood also underpins a lot of what I do within the business. I really like what I call the heritage value of sewing. By this I mean the way this skill is passed on through the generations. Certainly that is the…