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Theodor pattern hack from Bobbins and Buttons

Theodor pattern hack – Adding mini ruffles to the sleeve.

By Julia Claridge | February 6, 2021
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This is a tutorial showing how to add mini ruffles through the sleeve of the Theodor sweatshirt pattern. It would also work on the Lynn sweatshirt or any other raglan sleeve style too. You can play around with the size, amount and placement of the ruffles for different effects. For this version I made the…

George sewing pattern from Bobbins and Buttons

The testers makes – George pattern.

By Julia Claridge | January 30, 2021
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At the end of last year I launched four new sewing patterns including the George sewing pattern in collaboration with Project run and Play as part of the Lounge Library collection. As always my patterns went through testing by a fab group who test most of my patterns. They are an eagle eyed lot and…

Lining the Yvonne coatigan pattern from Bobbins and Buttons

How to line the Yvonne coatigan.

By Julia Claridge | January 23, 2021
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This is a tutorial to show you how to add a lining to the Yvonne coatigan pattern. Adding a lining to this simple edge to edge coatigan style definitely routes it in the jacket or coat category. I chose to make my version in a knitted coating fabric. In hindsight this would have worked really…

Lynn hack 10 – A sporty version.

By Julia Claridge | January 16, 2021
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This month I am giving the Lynn sweatshirt sewing pattern a sporty hack. This is a quick hack that adds an extra sporty edge to the simple sweatshirt shape. Having a sweatshirt to quickly throw on before or after exercise is so useful. Especially at the moment during lockdown when most of our exercise is…

Subscribers free volume sleeve boxy top pattern from Bobbins and Buttons

Subscribers free pattern – Volume sleeve boxy top – How to make:

By Julia Claridge | December 18, 2020
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This months subscribers free pattern is the addition of a volume sleeve. I made this in a star burst sequin fabric to give the style some seasonal sparkle. This version has a lined bodice and unlined sleeves. This is a useful technique that you can apply to other patterns if you are using a sheer…

Lynn hack sweasthirt from Bobbins and buttons

Lynn hack 9 – Panelled pieces sweatshirt.

By Julia Claridge | December 5, 2020
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This month I have another scrap busting version of the Lynn sweatshirt pattern for you. This one is great for all those small pieces that are always left over from other projects. It probably works best if you stick to the same or similar weight fabrics. I use French terry for so many projects that…

Free bell sleeve top pattern from Bobbins and Buttons

Subscribers free pattern – Bell sleeve – How to make:

By Julia Claridge | November 27, 2020
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This months free subscribers pattern is a bell sleeve top pattern. I’ve made this version in a lightweight silver stretch velvet for a more dressy feel. We might be limited to what we can do and where we can go this party season. It doesn’t have to stop us getting dressed up! Having said that…

George hoody sewing pattern from Bobbins and Buttons

Project run and play colloboration – Write your own story!

By Julia Claridge | November 23, 2020
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I’m so excited to finally share what I’ve been working on for the last few months. Let me tell you the story…. Back in July I was contacted by Audrey who runs Project run and play to see if I was interested in being part of a design collaboration. The plan…. to design a pattern…

Check ponte-roma sweatshirt hack Bobbins and Buttons blog

Lynn hack 8 – Check Ponte-roma jersey staggered hem sweatshirt.

By Julia Claridge | November 14, 2020
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This month’s Lynn sweatshirt hack is a staggered hem version made in check Ponte-roma jersey. This is another really quick and simple hack to the Lynn sweatshirt pattern. I feel like this adaptation made in check Ponte-roma jersey turns the casual sweatshirt style into a useful everyday top. To create this top the only alteration…

Bobbins and buttons dungaree dress patterns Emily and Mary.

Dungaree dress twinning! Emily and Mary sewing patterns.

By Julia Claridge | November 7, 2020
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This was always going to be on the cards after the release of the Emily dungaree dress sewing pattern! Mummy and daughter twinning!! I made the Emily and Mary dungaree dress patterns from my range of patterns in a fine stretch terracotta needle cord. The fabric is really easy to work with and very comfortable…

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