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sweatshirt dress

My handmade wardrobe – sweatshirt dress #sewthelove

By Julia Claridge | April 24, 2017
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We’ve just had a lovely sunny weekend and it feels like Spring is most definitely here! So it doesn’t seem so appropriate to be posting a blog post about a cosy sweatshirt dress. But as I’ve made it I’m going to share it anyway! This was a design I wrote as a project for Sew Now…

pinafore and tops

Sew Now pinafore and tops #sewthelove

By Julia Claridge | April 17, 2017
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Between teaching, freelancing and the school run I am often busy writing projects for one or two of the national sewing magazines, which I love doing. Sometimes I submit ideas if I think I have a project that would work for a particular magazine and sometimes I am set a brief. At the end of…

velvet bomber jacket

Plush velvet bomber jacket project for Sew Now magazine

By Julia Claridge | December 6, 2016
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Its very exciting to discover a new sewing magazine has recently launched. Sew Now mixes sewing projects with the latest high street trends, which seems like a great idea to me. Shopping and sewing all in one magazine! I mean.. what could be better? Its equally as exciting to find myself designing a project for the second…

Ladies hooded sweatshirt

Ladies hooded sweatshirt project for Sewing World magazine.

By Julia Claridge | October 4, 2016
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Last month my ladies hooded sweatshirt project was published in Sewing World magazine. Though we have been enjoying a lovely warm start to the Autumn I’m sure colder weather won’t be far away! This is a lovely easy make and so comfy to wear. Perfect to keep you cosy in cooler weather. Since submitting this project…

Reversible padded gilet

Reversible padded gilet project for Sewing world magazine

By Julia Claridge | August 24, 2016
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I wrote this project for Sewing World magazine, it was a collaboration of ideas with the editor of the magazine. I had originally submitted an idea for a reversible jacket and we ended up with this gilet which worked really well. The lovely fabric was sponsored by Dashwood studios. The project was published in the…

picnic blanket

Foldaway picnic blanket project for Sewing world magazine

By Julia Claridge | August 3, 2016
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This project was printed in the July issue of Sewing World magazine. I love a family picnic and with my fairly recent discovery of rip stop fabric I came up with the idea for this practical picnic solution. The blanket itself is a regular quilt made from large simple squares. The backing fabric is rip…

summer sun-top/skirt project

Girls summer sun-top/skirt project for Sewing World magazine

By Julia Claridge | July 20, 2016
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This was the second project I wrote for Sewing World magazine, quite a while ago now. I always like the idea of multi function garments. I have a small obsession working out if a garment can be reversible! I designed this top to be wearable as a top or skirt. With the addition of a…

Kimono dressing gown

Kimono dressing gown project for Sewing world magazine

By Julia Claridge | June 29, 2016
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This was the follow on project from the vintage inspired pyjamas that I wrote for Sewing World magazine. An easy fit kimono style dressing gown. I trimmed some of the edges with self fabric piping and the fabric used for the pjyamas for the facing, belt and pocket edges. I think both the dressing gown…

ladies pyjamas

Vintage inspired ladies pyjamas project for Sewing world magazine

By Julia Claridge | June 20, 2016
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I wrote this project for Sewing World magazine it was published last year. I was very chuffed that it made the front cover of the magazine too! The very pretty fabric was sponsored by Makower. I knew what the fabric looked like before I started designing these pyjamas. The plan included writing a project for…

man bag

Messenger man bag project for Sewing world magazine

By Julia Claridge | June 13, 2016
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This was the first project I wrote for a product suitable for a guy. It was printed earlier this year in Sewing World magazine. Whether you are a male sewer wanting to make something for yourself or someone wanting to make a man a gift hopefully this project ticks some of those boxes. I made…