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Vogue 9328 from Bobbins and Buttons

A long sleeved Vogue 9328

By Julia Claridge | October 15, 2021
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I wasn’t sure if I would have time this year to make myself a new dress for my birthday. I started this tradition when I turned 50, however I’m not being too strict with myself about this tradition. The dress I made last year was Vogue 9328, I made the version with a soft fluted short…

Vogue 9328 sewing pattern review from Bobbins and Buttons

A review of Vogue 9328 sewing pattern

By Julia Claridge | June 19, 2021
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I made my version of Vogue 9328 sewing pattern for my birthday last year. Its a new tradition I started the year before, to make myself a new dress for my birthday! I spend the majority of my sewing time making versions of styles I am developing for my pattern range. Much as I love…

A review of McCalls 7969 by Bobbins and Buttons

A review of McCalls 7969 dress pattern.

By Julia Claridge | April 9, 2021
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This is a dress I made towards the end of the summer last year. There was so very few social gatherings of any sort last (and this) year that being invited out for a couple of drinks in a friends garden one evening actually inspired me to make a new dress!! I do love my…

dressmaking blog post from Bobbins and buttons

A review of Vogue 9021 dress pattern.

By Julia Claridge | March 6, 2021
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This weekend is my 12th wedding anniversary, needless to say there is no night out planned!! I thought I would share a make from over a year ago when I did go out. This is a dress I made for my latest big ‘O’ birthday! I’ve since decided to make this a thing. On the…

Morgan jeans review by Bobbins and Buttons

A Morgan jeans review

By Julia Claridge | February 20, 2021
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After making the Closet core Ginger jeans I was very excited to get stuck into making the Morgan jeans. They didn’t disappoint! The boyfriend fit is probably more my shape, because I love easy, comfortable clothing even when I’m dressing up I prefer to wear clothing that doesn’t feel to restrictive. Despite the instructions saying…

Bobbins and buttons dungaree dress patterns Emily and Mary.

Dungaree dress twinning! Emily and Mary sewing patterns.

By Julia Claridge | November 7, 2020
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This was always going to be on the cards after the release of the Emily dungaree dress sewing pattern! Mummy and daughter twinning!! I made the Emily and Mary dungaree dress patterns from my range of patterns in a fine stretch terracotta needle cord. The fabric is really easy to work with and very comfortable…

Bobbins and buttons blog

A Ginger jeans review

By Julia Claridge | August 30, 2020
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A few weeks ago I posted the fourth is my series of Lynn hacks. I wore this version with a wearable toile of the Closet core Ginger jeans. When lock down was announced earlier in the year, I had to shut down my classes. I figured I would have more time and space to get…

A self drafted summer trapeze dress.

By Julia Claridge | June 20, 2020
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This trapeze dress is another of my makes for last year’s big summer holiday to Greece. Not that I’m reminiscing about holidays and the freedom to travel that perhaps we once took for granted!! It is always good to look back and remember good times. I quite like how handmade clothes are a bit like…

A Charlie Caftan for low key evening wear.

By Julia Claridge | June 6, 2020
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Wow how the weather can change! Last weekend it was pretty much a heat wave! It inspired me to finally put away my winter woolies and dig out all my summer clothes. I do this seasonal wardrobe swap around twice a year as I don’t have enough wardrobe space to keep everything out all the…

A wearable Charlie Caftan toile.

By Julia Claridge | March 20, 2020
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It is such a scary and crazy time at the moment that has thrown everyone’s reality into turmoil. In difficult times I think it is really important to look for the positives and look forward to getting to the other side of the situation. Social media and the internet is a double edged sword. It…

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