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wool blend cocoon coat and velvet dress

Vintage grey wool blend cocoon coat and velvet dress.

By Julia Claridge | April 1, 2018
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It was a couple of weeks ago that I shared my vintage black velvet cocoon coat that pushed in front of this one in the making queue.  I had already started this grey one and it was going really well so I decided to rustle up another in black velvet to wear to Christmas parties.…

vintage pledge 1950's underlined velvet cocoon coat

Belated vintage pledge 1950’s underlined velvet cocoon coat.

By Julia Claridge | March 7, 2018
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I have had this 1950’s vintage cocoon coat pattern in my collection for quite a while. Last year when I decided to make a vintage pledge for The Stitching Odysseys incentive I thought I would add it to my making list. This is actually the second one of these I have made. I initially started…

second Adele dress

My handmade wardrobe – The second Adele dress.

By Julia Claridge | February 16, 2018
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Last week I wrote about making this dress pattern that came free with Simply sewing magazine. I  made some amendments to the last dress after I finished it because the fit wasn’t quite right. I made the same amendments to the pattern and cut this one out. I repositioned the darts just by 0.5cm but…

Sewing Adele dress.

My handmade wardrobe – Simply Sewing Adele dress.

By Julia Claridge | February 9, 2018
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This pattern arrived with Simply Sewing magazine at the end of last year. It looked like the perfect ‘dress up’ or ‘dress down’ type of dress that I wanted for various Christmas get togethers. I have definitely  recently become more in favour of comfy and relaxed clothes for what ever the occasion, I am not…

top with a small hack

Sew Me Something Julia top with a small hack.

By Julia Claridge | January 30, 2018
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Here is another make that’s been sitting in my blogging queue for a little while… When Sew Me Something bought out this pattern I decided I had to make it …after all it had my name on it! Apart from it being called Julia I do love a slouchy comfy top, especially one with as…

Teal viscose jersey dress

Teal viscose jersey dress #sewthelove

By Julia Claridge | January 17, 2018
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I actually made this dress quite some time ago, it has been in my growing blog queue to write about. The pattern is a Threadcount pattern that came free with Sew Now magazine earlier last year. I am definitely having a bit of a love affair with Kimono inspired styles, when this pattern arrived I…

wraparound blouse

#vintagepledge 50’s wraparound blouse.

By Julia Claridge | November 27, 2017
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This is my second make for my Vintage pledge made earlier in the year. I pledged that I would make five garments from vintage patterns mainly from those given to me earlier in the year. You can read my original pledge and how it came about here. However I have to confess I don’t think…


The rest of the #therefashioners2017 outfit.

By Julia Claridge | November 10, 2017
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It was a couple of weeks ago that I posted my refashioner entry just before the deadline of the competition. I was pleased with the finished result especially as it had been a last minute idea and a somewhat pressurised make! I have a small obsession with only wearing me made clothes when I share…


Refashioner2017 entry #suitsyou #therefashioners2017

By Julia Claridge | October 29, 2017
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Over the last few weeks I have been seriously admiring the inventive and stylish makes popping up on instagram for the refashioner competition set by Portia from Makery. I had no plan to enter until I had an idea that wouldn’t go away. I am busy working on my Vintage pledge that I made when I…

Jeans and a very late

Jeans and a very late #TheBigStitch top.

By Julia Claridge | October 22, 2017
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I’ve learnt a couple of new things about my sewing pursuits recently. Firstly I seem to cut a bit to large in size. This has happened a few times recently. Despite making a toile which I feel I am ultimately happy with before cutting the real thing I end up with a garment a bit…

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