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wedding outfit

25 minute coat and the rest of the wedding outfit.

By Julia Claridge | May 1, 2017
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A few weeks ago me and my hubby were invited to a wedding. It has been quite a while since we went to a wedding so I needed something to wear! As it was in March the weather can be a bit unpredictable and usually fairly cool so the outfit needed to include a coat. Ever since…

sweatshirt dress

My handmade wardrobe – sweatshirt dress #sewthelove

By Julia Claridge | April 24, 2017
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We’ve just had a lovely sunny weekend and it feels like Spring is most definitely here! So it doesn’t seem so appropriate to be posting a blog post about a cosy sweatshirt dress. But as I’ve made it I’m going to share it anyway! This was a design I wrote as a project for Sew Now…

pinafore and tops

Sew Now pinafore and tops #sewthelove

By Julia Claridge | April 17, 2017
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Between teaching, freelancing and the school run I am often busy writing projects for one or two of the national sewing magazines, which I love doing. Sometimes I submit ideas if I think I have a project that would work for a particular magazine and sometimes I am set a brief. At the end of…

coat, top and jeans

My handmade wardrobe – A new coat, top and jeans rework!

By Julia Claridge | March 19, 2017
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It has been quite a while since I posted about my handmade wardrobe, not because I have stopped making my own clothes, far from it. It was over three years ago that I set my one year challenge of only making my own clothes and not buying any. I completed two years before relaxing the…

vintage dressmaking

My 1940’s vintage dressmaking experience

By Julia Claridge | June 8, 2016
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I am often busy answering questions and emails about what you can learn in my sewing classes, but what I don’t often convey is the inspiring side of being in a sewing class. By that I’m not suggesting that I inspire everyone, more that my customers inspire one another. I try to set my classes…

White Tree fabrics

My first blog post for White Tree fabrics

By Julia Claridge | March 10, 2016
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Follow my blog with Bloglovin I was very excited to become part of the White tree blogging team. As soon as I found out I popped the kettle on and sat down for a quick perusal of the fabrics and patterns available. A good hour later I was still trying to narrow down my short…

The coat

My handmade wardrobe – The coat – January 2016

By Julia Claridge | February 11, 2016
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This is the January post, however it is a bit past the end of January now! I have been super busy writing magazine projects and planning, organising, scheduling and generally working things out, I have sore finger tips from typing and therefore I am a bit late writing my monthly blog posts. I am very…

handmade wardrobe - getting organised

My handmade wardrobe – getting organised – November 2015

By Julia Claridge | November 30, 2015
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I had a major big sort out this month which took priority over any blog sewing. I do often have little sort outs that include shuffling a few pieces of fabric into a box and marking it ‘projects in progress ‘or turning out a couple of boxes that have been ‘discovered’ by searching for something!…


My handmade wardrobe – bewitched – October 2015

By Julia Claridge | November 7, 2015
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This month I was busy creating a family of Halloween costumes, this time including mummy and daddy!! The theme was The Wizard of Oz, you can read all about how this came about in my kids wardrobe blog post published earlier this week. Anyway, I was to be the wicked witch of the East. For…

change of season

My handmade wardrobe – change of season – September 2015

By Julia Claridge | October 3, 2015
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Some big excitement to report this month….I was asked to feature in the ‘We Meet’ article published monthly in Sewing world magazine, of course I was very flattered and agreed! The article is not all about my handmade wardrobe, more an over view of all Bobbins and Buttons sewing activity, inspiration and tips. However I am…

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