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how to make a quick face covering from Bobbins and buttons

How to make a super quick and easy face covering.

By Julia Claridge | August 8, 2020
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Last week I shared my face mask pattern that I developed hoping to cover all the families requirements and sizes. Unfortunately I didn’t quite achieve it, my father in law has bad arthritis in his fingers. Ties around the ears or head were just to difficult to manage with fingers that don’t bend. So he…

scrunchies tutorial from Bobbins and buttons

How to make hair scrunchies.

By Julia Claridge | July 26, 2020
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This is a tutorial for how to make hair scrunchies. This is a simple little make that is a great way of using leftover scraps from your sewing projects. You can make these equally as well in stretch fabrics as in woven. I love making them for my little girl from the pieces leftover after…

headband tutorial Bobbins and buttons

Headband tutorial for use with a face mask.

By Julia Claridge | April 3, 2020
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Ever since the the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, the sewing community have been keen to get involved with making masks, scrubs or anything that can help. Its very natural while we watch the devastation to want to do something positive and productive to help. Like other sewing businesses I have been contacted many…

fabric notbook with pen holder tutorial

Fabric notebook cover with pen holder tutorial.

By Julia Claridge | December 20, 2019
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Every year I like to create a handmade gift as a thank you and Christmas gift for my kids teachers and teacher assistants. The intention is always to make it early enough so I can share the idea as a tutorial here on my blog, then you could make some too. As usual I missed…

How to make a custom car seat organiser.

By Julia Claridge | July 5, 2019
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Making one of these has been on my ‘to do’ list for a long time in the vain hope that I can get my kids to keep the back seat of the car tidy!!!! Ready made car seat organisers are quite easy to find and are relatively cheap. However they are nearly always black which…

Sewing journal tutorial – patchwork with reverse applique.

By Julia Claridge | December 18, 2018
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Sewing journal tutorial – patchwork with reverse applique. I had hoped to publish this a bit earlier. This is my handmade Christmas gift idea for my special sewing friends this year. The list has grown so I have made a few of these. I hope there is still time for you to make one if…

Decorative patchwork mug wrap tutorial – handmade gifts.

By Julia Claridge | December 14, 2018
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Decorative patchwork mug wrap tutorial. I always like to try and make as many Christmas gifts as I can, especially when it comes to small tokens of appreciation for people like my kids school teachers. This year I was inspired by watching the school teachers in the playground with their hot drinks in the morning…

P.E bag tutorial Bobbins and Buttons

How to make a P.E bag tutorial.

By Julia Claridge | August 31, 2018
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P.E Bag tutorial In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make a simple sturdy lined P.E bag. These P.E bags are essential school requirements and really useful if you have a child who does after school sports activities too. I originally made both my kids these bags using this method when…

How to make a no pattern dress to fit your size – tutorial.

By Julia Claridge | August 23, 2018
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No pattern dress tutorial In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make this no pattern dress. You will need to take a few measurements then you can either draft your own pattern that fits you or you can draw the dimensions directly on the fabric. Measuring up: Start by taking a few…

A simple baby bib tutorial - Bobbins and Buttons

Baby bib tutorial – How to make a simple baby bib.

By Julia Claridge | June 16, 2018
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How to make a baby bib tutorial. This is not only a really simple baby bib, very suitable for anyone new to sewing but it is also a super practical make for babies and makes a perfect gift. Follow the steps in this baby bib tutorial to make your own. When my kids were babies…

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