jammy dodger biscuits

Recipe – Vegan jammy dodger biscuits

By Julia Claridge | May 6, 2018
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Recently it has become the norm to bake two cakes or batches of cookies for my sewing classes. As I have some lovely customers who follow a vegan diet one of my bakes each week is always a vegan option. By far the best investment for vegan baking has been Ms Cupcakes cookery book –…

Rhubarb crumble cake

Recipe – Rhubarb crumble cake.

By Julia Claridge | April 22, 2018
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The weather is finally starting to feel warmer, the last few days have been positively summer! Its great to see things spring into life in the garden. The rhubarb has gone from non existent to a huge plant in only a couple of weeks. I decided to bake a rhubarb crumble cake for my class…

Easter chocolate brownies

Recipe For Easter chocolate brownies

By Julia Claridge | March 28, 2018
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This weeks sweet class treats are these yummy Easter themed chocolate brownies. I know there is just about to be more chocolate than you can shake a stick at, but what the hell! Chocolate brownies are always a good recipe for school holidays to get the kids involved with too! This recipe is from ‘Gorgeous…

Vegan Jaffa cakes

Recipe for Vegan Jaffa cakes.

By Julia Claridge | March 15, 2018
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I am always keen to cater for everyone who arrives at my classes including all special dietary needs and preferences. For the last few months I have been teaching some customers who follow a vegan diet. Initially this threw me out of my comfort zone completely, baking without eggs or butter seemed like an impossible…

coffee cake

Recipe For The best coffee cake.

By Julia Claridge | December 10, 2017
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There are a few recipe books in my collection that I don’t think I could do without. One of my favs is The hummingbird bakery cookbook. Pretty much every recipe looks amazing and turns out that way too. I love this recipe for coffee cake from it. It has a great technique for making coffee…

Pumpkin passion cupcakes

Recipe – Pumpkin passion cupcakes.

By Julia Claridge | November 5, 2017
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I love this recipe, it is super easy and really yummy. I found it on The BBC Good Food site several years ago and have made it every year at Halloween since. I think this is also the recipe when I discovered you could freeze some cakes and biscuits, which is now the way I…

Paradise coconut slice

Recipe for Paradise coconut slice tray bake.

By Julia Claridge | October 8, 2017
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This is the recipe that started the whole blogging of recipes off. It is the second time I’ve made this recipe for my sewing classes. It was an instant hit in class and with my family. If you love coconut you will love this recipe. Its from a a book called Gorgeous cakes by Annie…

Sussex apple cake

Recipe for Sussex apple cake

By Julia Claridge | October 1, 2017
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Here’s a solution to a problem, albeit a good one… Ever since I started teaching sewing classes four years ago I have always included homemade cakes or cookies as part of the experience. I do my best to cater for special diets if I know about them ahead of the class. I love baking, I’m…

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