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tips for sewing laminated fabric from Bobbins and Buttons

Tips for sewing with laminated fabrics.

By Julia Claridge | June 5, 2021
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Tips for sewing with laminated fabrics. Written by Louise Ambrosi of Sew Sofia  I first discovered laminated cotton fabrics back in 2012. I was in the early stages of setting up my sewing business and developing my product line for kids. With two young children of my own I wanted to make items that were…

striped sweatshirt kit Bobbins and Buttons

Introducing new sew-alongs.

By Julia Claridge | May 10, 2020
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Ever since the start of lockdown and the temporary end of my sewing classes I have been saying I would offer some sew-alongs for my sewing patterns. I had begun to build a library of techniques as video tutorials with the help of Dean Leivers before lockdown. However in the absence of my classes, I…

The Essential sewing kit list.

By Julia Claridge | January 8, 2019
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The Essential sewing kit list. I originally thought about writing this post for beginners. People who might have been lucky enough to receive a sewing machine for Christmas or are just planning to get stuck into sewing as a new hobby this year. When thinking about what you need to get started I realised it…

dressmaking pattern

6 tips for using your first sewing pattern.

By Julia Claridge | July 6, 2018
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Six tips for using your first sewing pattern. When I say sewing pattern, I am actually referring to patterns for clothing. Patterns for clothing are historically called dressmaking patterns. These days indie pattern makers in particular are referring to patterns for clothing as sewing patterns. I think probably because dressmaking patterns sounds as though the…

child for making their clothes

How to measure a child for making their clothes.

By Julia Claridge | May 24, 2018
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Measuring up before starting to make a garment is one of those tasks that can sometimes gets ignored, its tempting to just get stuck into sewing, picking a size closest to what you buy off the peg from the shops. However just like sizes vary from shop to shop, sizes also vary between pattern brands.…

tracing a dressmaking pattern

Tips for tracing a dressmaking pattern.

By Julia Claridge | May 17, 2018
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There are quite a few reasons you might need or want to trace a dressmaking pattern. I am busy designing and producing children’s wear patterns, I think it can seem like a short lived investment buying a child’s pattern as potentially in 6 months to a year you may need to buy it again, when…

stretch in jersey fabrics

How to find the percentage of stretch in jersey fabrics.

By Julia Claridge | May 13, 2018
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Sewing jersey garments is great fun and can be super quick, especially if you are lucky enough to own an overlocker. However there are a few things worth knowing about jersey fabrics to help make the right choice for your chosen style. Jersey fabrics can be made from different fibres such as cotton, viscose, silk…

shorten a dress or top pattern

How to lengthen or shorten a dress or top pattern.

By Julia Claridge | January 28, 2018
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It’s easy to think if you want to add length to a dress or top that you can just add a few centimetres down from the hem, in some cases this does work. However if you have a shaped hem or have a hem facing, adding length to the bottom edge of your garment may…

mark fabric

Different products to mark fabric.

By Julia Claridge | June 27, 2017
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I have quite a minimal tool box when it comes to sewing equipment. I’m not really one for gadgets and gizmos. Though there are several items that as a sewer you can’t live without….scissors, tape measure, pins and needles, ruler and fabric markers. When it comes to these items I am happy to explore all…


What is Elastane?

By Julia Claridge | April 10, 2017
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Sewing with jersey/knit fabrics has become more and more popular, understandably so, there are lots of garment styles that are super quick to sew. There is some sympathy on fit with stretch fabrics too. These are two qualities that make sewing jersey/knit garments quite an attractive prospect especially if you have limited time or like quick…