The kids handmade wardrobe

World book day costumes!

By Julia Claridge | March 9, 2017
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After last years World Book Day disaster when I was ready with a costume but then the school didn’t do the dressing up thing I got myself a bit more organised this year….starting with checking the school calendar to see if it was happening!! ..and it was. This year I had not one but two…

kids sweatshirt and slim fit joggers

Handmade kids sweatshirt and slim fit joggers

By Julia Claridge | January 18, 2017
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I am super excited (and a bit nervous) about the launch of my first sewing pattern which is only weeks away…hopefully! Depending on what my lovely group of pattern testers have to say. But obviously I can’t launch one pattern and leave it at that, so I’ve worked out a bit of a plan of…

Halloween costumes

This years Halloween costumes!

By Julia Claridge | November 6, 2016
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This year I decided it was going to be a bit to much to make Halloween costumes as the whole month of October was choc-a-bloc busy with sewing projects and then standing at The Big Textile show over the last two days of the month. However proposing this idea to the kids resulted in a…

Dinosaur party

ROARRRRRR….Dinosaur party time!

By Julia Claridge | September 8, 2016
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Last week marked two big milestones for my little boy…starting school and turning five!! As usual the birthday was celebrated with a homemade themed party. Dinosaurs have been the most interesting thing for so long that no other theme was likely to be acceptable. Preparations began early with some group family activities. I had the idea…

pony party

My little pony party!

By Julia Claridge | July 14, 2016
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This month my little girl turned 7 years old! I am not sure where those years disappeared. For that very reason I like to make a big effort and mark these precious childhood years with a party that I hope my kids will enjoy and remember. The last couple of years the party preparation has…

World book day

The World book day disaster!!

By Julia Claridge | March 4, 2016
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Follow my blog with Bloglovin A couple of weeks ago someone mentioned World book day, which prompted a conversation with my little girl about what to dress up as this year. Last year Ella dressed up as Cinderella, as depicted in the Ladybird story book that I had as a little girl. It was the…

kids wardrobe - t-shirts

The kids wardrobe – t-shirts – January 2016

By Julia Claridge | February 12, 2016
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I am a bit late writing my monthly blog posts this month. January seems to have become mid February all of a sudden! Nevertheless lots has been going on as usual. Development wise I have been working on a basic semi fitted t-shirt block. A simple style that I want to offer as a sewing…

trick or treat

The kids wardrobe – trick or treat! – October 2015

By Julia Claridge | November 2, 2015
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Yes I know another month of dressing up fun and not serious business sewing! I just can’t resist and the kids love it. Last year we went out trick or treating for the first time. Its not something I am particularly passionate about neither is Halloween on the whole. However last year we were invited to…

Making memories

The kids wardrobe – Super hero party – September 2015

By Julia Claridge | September 29, 2015
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The focus for kids clothing in September has very much been the other main event of the year! Joseph’s 4th birthday party! The usual sewing for business took second place for some of September while, I stitched costumes, back drops and generally created a super hero themed birthday party fit for a 4 year old…


The kids wardrobe – Princess party – July 2015!

By Julia Claridge | July 28, 2015
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The long awaited Party! From early July last year my daughter had started contemplating the next birthday party and age 5 and 1 day decided it would be a princess party. As the time drew closer (well about January time!!) the subject of the party was the talk of the drive to school, especially the…

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