Free kids elasticated waist shorts pattern.

Download this elasticated waist shorts pattern free. This pattern has sizes from 1 year to 10 years with two length options.

Last year I drafted this elasticated waist short pattern as a first sewing project for my little boy. It ended up being a very well used pattern over the summer. I made quite a few pairs before our summer holiday last year.  This is a super quick pattern to make, I roll these out in less than half an hour. It’s a perfectly practical pattern to make. I have used up left over pieces from cotton tops and dresses to make these for my kids. It is also an ideal pattern for this glorious summer. Especially for the school summer holidays, it is totally possible to have a clean pair of these everyday! ( if your kids are anything like mine, this is very necessary!). As well as all that it is also a great project for kids to make for themselves. With this list of plus points I thought you might also like to have a copy of the pattern. So if you have kids or grand kids or need a speedy practical gift for a little one my gift to you today is this pattern free to download.

Free elasticated shorts pattern. Bobbins and Buttons


25mm elastic – See size chart and instructions for quantity.

Fabric – Quilters weight cotton, woven cotton and cotton blends, lawn, broadcloth, lightweight denim, stable knits such as interlock, sweatshirt fabric and French Terry.

The girls version in the photos were made in Dashwood studio, Club tropicana cotton. The boys version were made from a piece of left over Robert Kaufman chambray.

Fabric requirements:

See details on download


See details on download.


Click on this link to take you to the pattern:


Cut 1 pair of fronts.

Cut 1 pair of backs.

How to make:

Laying your fabric.

If your fabric is 1.50m wide all the sizes will fit with the front and back side by side when the fabric is folded with selvedges together. For fabric 1.12m wide the smaller sizes will also fit side by side. For larger sizes you will need to drop one piece slightly below the other to fit in the width. The fabric requirement chart shows how much fabric you will need for each size. These measurements account for a little bit of possible shrinkage. Don’t forget to wash, dry and iron your fabric before you begin.

If you have a one way print or are matching stripes or checks you might need to allow a little bit extra fabric for this.

The seam allowance for this pattern is 1.5cm

Free elasticated shorts pattern. Bobbins and Buttons

  1. With right sides together pin and stitch the fronts together at the front rise seam. Neaten raw edges. If you have an overlocker this is ideal, if not a zig zag or overcast stitch works fine for neatening edges. Do the same on the back at the back rise seam.

Free elasticated shorts pattern. Bobbins and Buttons

2. With right sides together pin the side seams together. Stitch. Neaten raw edges.

Free elasticated shorts pattern. Bobbins and Buttons

3. With right sides together and front and back rise seams matched, pin the inside leg seam together. Stitch and neaten raw edges.

Free elasticated shorts pattern. Bobbins and Buttons

Prepare the channel for the elastic.

4. Turn and press a narrow turning approximately 1cm/3/8″ at the edge of the shorts waist. Turn this down again this time measuring 3.5cm/1.3″ press as you go.

Free elasticated shorts pattern. Bobbins and Buttons

5. Pin the channel ready to sew. This channel depth for these elasticated waist shorts is designed for 2.5cm/1″ elastic. There should be around 0.5cm/1/8″ room for the elastic to move in the channel and the same depth allowed for you to stitch the channel down.

Free elasticated shorts pattern. Bobbins and Buttons

6. Stitch around the channel close to the inner folded edge. Leave a small gap approx 3cm/ 1.1″ to insert the elastic in. I try to leave the gap at the back. Try to avoid leaving the gap over a seam as it will be bulky and more likely to be messy and tricky to finish.

Find the elastic size:

Cut a piece of elastic to finish the waist. The size chart gives waist sizes based on the standard I use to develop my patterns. If you are working from this you will probably want to reduce the elastic measurement by 4-8cm/1.5-3″ depending on how stretchy your elastic is and how snuggly you child wants them to fit. Children’s size do vary massively and you are probably aware if the child you are making for is small or large for their age. Therefore the better way is to wrap the elastic around the child’s waist and pull to a comfortable fit. Allow around 2-3cm/1-1.1″ extra for joining.

Pin a safety pin into one end of the elastic and push into the channel opening. Push the elastic around the channel until it comes out of the other side of the channel.

Free elasticated shorts pattern. Bobbins and Buttons

7. Ensure the elastic is not twisted in the channel lay one end flatly on top of the other.

Free elasticated shorts pattern. Bobbins and Buttons

8. Stitch the elastic together, it is not to important about this being neat as it will be inside the waist channel, you just need to check the elastic is level and not forming an angle. Also check that it is strongly stitched together.

Free elasticated shorts pattern. Bobbins and Buttons

9. Let the elastic slide inside the waist channel.

Free elasticated shorts pattern. Bobbins and Buttons

10. Push the elastic away from the opening and stitch the gap closed joining the stitching you did for the waist channel. Reinforce with backwards stitching at the start and finish of this small line of stitching.

Free elasticated shorts pattern. Bobbins and Buttons

11. To finish the hem on your elasticated waist shorts, turn a double narrow hem. Turn the first turning approx 1cm/3/8″ followed by a 1.5cm/5/8″. Stitch close to the inner folded edge to complete.

Free elasticated shorts pattern. Bobbins and Buttons

I hope you and your recipients enjoy this free elasticated waist short pattern. Have fun sewing them, if you feel like sharing on social media please use #releaseyourhandmade so I can find you.




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  1. Linda Tan on February 21, 2019 at 9:45 am

    I’d love to make these shorts but can’t seem to find the pattern for download?

    • Julia Claridge on February 21, 2019 at 12:43 pm

      Hi if you click the link below where it says pattern the download pattern will pop up. Let me know if you need any more help.

  2. Ali on April 7, 2019 at 6:35 pm

    Looking forward to trying this pattern, but I’m struggling to find the download button.

    • Julia Claridge on April 9, 2019 at 1:45 pm

      Hi Ali, sorry you’ve not managed to find the link. I have added a note now just above the link now to make it a little clearer. Its beneath the title pattern. Let me know if you have any problems.

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