Free zipper pouch sewing pattern download

If you’re looking for a free zipper pouch sewing pattern, you’re in the right place! Get the free PDF pattern download, watch the video tutorial, and you’ll have your own pouch in no time.

This is a perfect beginner project and a fantastic way to use up scraps of fabric you have in your stash. I’m all about sustainability, so making use of every scrap of fabric is very dear to my heart. Creative and great for the environment. Win win.

Why make a quick zip pouch?

The zipper pouch pattern is one I come back to again and again because it’s just so useful. It’s is a great pattern for a new holiday washbag, a pencil case, a makeup bag, or simply somewhere to store all your precious sewing accessories.

You can make them as gifts. You can learn how to sew zips if you’ve never done that before. You can simply enjoy the happy process of sewing.

Download the free zipper pouch pattern

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Easy zip top pouch video walkthrough

Once you’ve downloaded your free zip pouch pattern and cut out your fabric, you’re ready to get sewing. Follow the steps to making this simple zipper pouch with our video tutorial.

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Step by step instructions to make the zip top bag

For people who prefer the written word, here are the bullet point steps to make up your zip top bag project. You’ll find this method works for pretty much any regular zip you want to add to your sewing projects. The trick is, as always, making sure you have the pieces the right way around! Check twice, sew once.

  1. Cut two outer pieces and two lining pieces.
  2. With right sides together match the zip to the upper edge of one of the outer pieces. Using the zip foot on your machine sew this in place close to the zip teeth.
  3. Repeat with the other side.
  4. Place one of the lining pieces right sides together with one of the outer pieces, along the top edge. The zip will be sandwiched in the middle. Pin and stitch.
  5. Repeat with the remaining lining piece. Press the fabric at the zip area.
  6. Open the zip slightly so you can turn through at the end stage. Bring the right sides of both outer and lining together. Lining to lining and outer to outer. Pin these edges together and stitch. Sewing only the the sides and bottoms. Leave the cut out corners unstitched. At the edge below the zip on the lining leave a gap for turning through.
  7. To sew the corners bring the seams of each corner together in the middle, flatten out the edges, stitch across from one side to the other with the seam in the middle.
  8. Turn the pouch to the right side through the gap in the lining. Press the edges and stitch close to the edge to close the gap.
  9. Push the lining to the inside and your little pouch is complete. 

There are three different sizes to the free zipper pouch pattern. Why not make a matching set?

Download you free zipper pouch pattern here

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