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I recently posted the tutorial for this fun kids pom pom jersey fabric hat and promised to follow with this post for a matching scarf. You can make both items from 50cm sweatshirt fabric and 50cm of cotton jersey fabric. Great to keep your little ones snuggly over the winter months. I think they also make perfect, fun and practical gifts if you are looking for stitchy ideas for Christmas presents.

There is a great array of printed jersey fabrics widely available as well as various qualities of heavier weight sweatshirt fabric. I love the super thick, soft cotton sweatshirt fabric and cotton/elastane monster print jersey I used for this. I stock all fabrics used in these tutorials which you can buy through my online fabric shop.


This size scarf should cater for little kids from the age of around 2yrs – 7yrs, you can always scale up for bigger kids and adults! Start by drawing a rectangle 60cm x 20cm on a piece of paper. Cut the rectangle out and fold in half lengthways so the the folded piece measures 10cm x 60cm. From the centre point of the short edge draw a curved line that blends with the long edge. Use a curved pattern making ruler if you have one, if not you can use a plate or draw freehand. Cut this edge to make your pattern.


25cm sweatshirt fabric

25cm printed jersey fabric

yarn for pom poms – I used cotton yarn.

How to make:

Cut 1 scarf panel in sweatshirt fabric – place the straight short edge of the pattern to the fold of the fabric.

Cut 1 scarf panel in jersey fabric – again placing straight short edge to fold of fabric.

scarf-11.With right sides together pin the two scarf pieces together. Stitch around outer edge using a shallow zig zag stitch, so that the seam has a little bit of give. Leave a small gap approximately 6cm long for turning through. Trim the seam and reduce the bulk at the points.


2. Turn through to right side and press.


3. Slip stitch closed the small gap by hand.


4. Make two pom poms, or if you have willing mini helpers available they might like to make the pom poms. All my yarn got used up and we had rows of pom poms by the end of this project 🙂


5. Using double thickness thread stitch a pom pom to the point of the scarf at either end. Hand stitch deeply into the centre of the pom pom to ensure the thread is securely attached. Stitch through several times to secure pom pom.


A super simple scarf! You can also make the matching hat, the instructions are in an earlier blog post. I always love to see your versions if you make any of my projects, please feel free to share on my facebook page.




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