Essential ladies boxy top free sewing pattern and tutorial

First published 11 July 2020, revised and updated 5 July 2024

Upgrade your summer wardrobe with the essential ladies boxy top free sewing pattern and tutorial. A simple sleeveless boxy top with no darts and faced neck and armholes.

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About the ladies boxy top free sewing pattern

This pattern and tutorial is for the basic ladies boxy top pattern. This is a really flexible and versatile sewing pattern and our subscribers also have access to a range of additions and modifications. These include: different types of sleeve such as bell and 3/4, a keyhole back, V neck, ruffles, and many more.

Subscribers can download the additional parts and instructions to transform this simple style into many variations. You’ll expand your wardrobe and learn a variety of sewing techniques. What’s not to love?

Ladies boxy top sewing tutorial

1. Choose your size

Take your body measurements. Use the size charts to decide which size you are going to make.

This style is designed to be loose fitting. You may want to change the length of the top, as this top is boxy and has straight side seams you can simply add or reduce the length evenly at the bottom of the front and back.

The version I am wearing in the photo I shortened to finish 58cm. I made a size 14 and I am 5′.6″ tall.

Download the body measurement size chart

Download the garment measurements chart

2. Fabric and requirement for the ladies boxy top sewing pattern

This top works in a variety of fabrics including, cotton lawn, cotton poplin, linen, cotton blends, seersucker and double gauze.

If you would like to keep the shape quite boxy and angular you might like to use a lightweight fusible interfacing on the facing piece. You can omit this for a softer shape or if your fabric is quite stiff.

For fabric requirement see the chart below:

Download the fabric requirements

3. How to make the boxy top

The seam allowance is 1.5cm

Apply fusible interfacing to the facing pieces if using.

Basic boxy top instructions from Bobbins and Buttons
  1. Turn and press the seam allowance at the shoulder edges of the facing pieces on both front and back facing pieces.
Basic boxy top instructions from Bobbins and Buttons

2. With RST (right sides together) and raw edges matched pin the front facing to the front bodice piece at neck edge and armhole edges. Keep the pressed shoulder seam allowance pressed downwards as shown. Do the same with the back facing piece and back bodice.

Tip – Try to be as accurate as possible with measuring the seam allowance as this will make the next stages easier.

Basic boxy top instructions from Bobbins and Buttons

3. Stitch the neck edge and the armhole as pinned on front bodice and then do the same on back bodice. Reinforce the start and finish of each seam with backward stitch.

Basic boxy top instructions from Bobbins and Buttons

4. Before moving on to the next stage lay the front and back shoulder seams together to check they match. If they don’t match you can re-stitch a new line to get a better match. It is worth tweaking this to be accurate for a neat shoulder seam.

Basic boxy top instructions from Bobbins and Buttons

5. Trim neck edges and the armhole edges to around 0.75cm and clip around the curves.

Neaten the lower edge of the facing. If you have an overlocker you can simply overlock this edge. If not zig zag stitch or turning a 2-3mm turning and stitching with a straight stitch are good alternatives.

Basic boxy top instructions from Bobbins and Buttons

6. Turn the front and the back pieces to the right side and press.

Basic boxy top instructions from Bobbins and Buttons

7. With the outer right sides together pin the shoulder seams together.

This is where a good match will pay off. Its not to late to turn it back and tweak the seam if its not a good match.

Basic boxy top instructions from Bobbins and Buttons

8.Take care to keep the inner folded seam allowance clear, stitch the shoulder seams. Reinforce well at the start and finish of each shoulder seam.

Basic boxy top instructions from Bobbins and Buttons

9. Lay the top flat and press the shoulder seam open.

Basic boxy top instructions from Bobbins and Buttons

10. Allow the pressed facing seam allowance to close over the shoulder seam. Discreetly slip stitch the back and front facing seam allowance together.

Basic boxy top instructions from Bobbins and Buttons

11. With RST pin the side seams together. Open out the facing so you can start from the facing edge and stitch all the way to the lower hem edge of the top. Neaten raw edges.

Basic boxy top instructions from Bobbins and Buttons

12. Press the seams open. Hand stitch the facing discreetly to the seam, ensure the stitches attach only to the seam not all the way through.

Basic boxy top instructions from Bobbins and Buttons

13. To complete turn and press a double fold hem. Press the raw edge approximately 1cm followed by 1.5cm . Stitch the hem close to the inner folded edge.

Don’t forget to wear your boxy top with pride and share your makes and tag us on Instagram!

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