Lynn hack 8 – Check Ponte-roma jersey staggered hem sweatshirt.

This month’s Lynn sweatshirt hack is a staggered hem version made in check Ponte-roma jersey.

Check ponte-roma sweatshirt hack Bobbins and Buttons blog

This is another really quick and simple hack to the Lynn sweatshirt pattern. I feel like this adaptation made in check Ponte-roma jersey turns the casual sweatshirt style into a useful everyday top.

Check ponte-roma sweatshirt hack Bobbins and Buttons blog

To create this top the only alteration I made was at the hemline. If you would like to make your own version this is what to do:

Because of omitting the hem band start by lengthening the front and back body. For this top I worked my alterations directly on the fabric. If you think you might make more than one it may be worth tracing the pattern and adding the alterations so you have a pattern for further makes.

The length at the front is increased by 10cm and 13cm at the back. This caters for a 4.5cm deep single turned hem. At the side seams measure down 25cm from the armhole point on both back and front. Draw a diagonal line from this point 4.5cm out and 2.5cm down. Draw the 4.5cm line down to the hem to create the vent.

Make the top following the instructions. When joining the side seam individually neaten the raw edges so you can press the seam open. Join the side seam using a stretch stitch or zig zag stitch. Press the side seam and vent open. Press the hem up 4.5cm. For a super neat finish mitre the corners at the side seam. You could also turn the vent back right sides together and stitch the lower edge in line with the folded hem edge. Stitch and turn back.

It is worth drawing a chalk line for the angles above the vent opening to follow when stitching the hem to ensure you have symmetrical angles. Stitch the hem up close to the inner edge.

Check ponte-roma sweatshirt hack Bobbins and Buttons blog

I used black cotton rib at the neck and cuffs for my check Ponte-roma jersey top.

Check ponte-roma sweatshirt hack Bobbins and Buttons blog

This check ponte-roma jersey top version is one of my favorites. It is very easy and comfortable to wear just like a regular sweatshirt yet it feels a bit smarter.

Check ponte-roma sweatshirt hack Bobbins and Buttons blog


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