Lynn pattern hack – 1, fluffy cosy sweatshirt.

This is the first in a series of hacks for the Lynn sweatshirt pattern. I have already published a couple of posts with ideas for the Lynn sweatshirt. It was these that inspired this idea. I have a few more hacks for the Lynn sweatshirt lined up, it made me wonder if I could post one a month for maybe ….a year!?!

I love a versatile pattern, it gives the purchase of your pattern so much more mileage. It is also a lovely creative process to change a pattern to create a different or new style. A simple classic shape like the Lynn sweatshirt has a world of possibilities.

Some of the ideas I am going to share are easy hacks others may be a little more involved. I have sketches for a few more but not enough for 12 yet! So I have no idea if I will be able to deliver 12 ideas or even if they will work. Let the challenge begin!

Lynn pattern Bobbins and Buttons

This is a super simple hack, I absolutely love this top. It is a perfect comfy weekend chilling out kinda top! I made it using super soft deep pile cuddle fleece. This is one of those fabrics that you just can’t help stroking and once you’ve started you can’t stop. Honeysuckle rib happened to match perfectly with this shade making it a simple choice, though I think a contrast rib would also look good.

Lynn pattern Bobbins and Buttons

I sized up for this version. The size I usually make for a regular fit is medium. My measurements are 39″ bust, 32″ waist and 39″ hips. For this version I made a size large. I also added 2″ to the body length. I simply added this to the bottom of the pattern rather than splitting it and adding the extra through the middle. It means the body width narrows slightly at the lower edge, but given the bulk of the fabric I think this works fine.

There is no other alterations, I just made the top as the instructions in the pattern describes. The fleece is very easy to work with though a bit messy as it sheds fluff. I made the whole garment on the overlocker. This really helped to contain the lose fibres as well. I think if you were to make this using a regular sewing machine you would definitely need to zig zag the raw edges.

The only tricky part to the Lynn sweatshirt is the neckband. I have a Youtube tutorial to show you how to apply a neckband to help you though this process if needed.

Lynn pattern, Bobbins and Buttons


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