Sewing Patterns

The inspiration for Bobbins and Buttons sewing patterns began with Julia’s desire to make unique clothing for her own two children. The first patterns in the range are based on her first styles developed for her children and used in her classes over the years. As the collection builds you can expect to see patterns for all the family.

Many of the patterns work in conjunction with one another, the range includes wardrobe basics like t-shirts and leggings that can be teamed up with other styles to complete your outfit.

Julia believes there are three main ingredients to a great sewing pattern:

A style that will stand the test of time – styles that can become a wardrobe stable, a style you will want to make again and again. The fitting of a garment can be one of the longest parts of making a garment. However once you have your perfect fit and amended the pattern accordingly you should be able to run another up in no time.

Versatile – a style that you can add your own individuality to.  A pattern is like a blank canvas the fabric and trims you choose make it individual to you. You can add further individuality with your own adaptation ideas. Julia includes some of her own ideas for her patterns on the blog.

Timely – We all have busy life’s, complicated patterns are often unrealistic to fit into spare time. Julia’s focus is on quick and simple construction that you will be able to fit into those valuable hours off.

More detailed construction methods can be found on the blog for some of the processes in the patterns.

Don’t forget to share your makes on social media using #releaseyourhandmade.

Sewing Patterns


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