Rebecca’s navy check cropped Yvonne coatigan.

Hello again, today I’m talking about this fabulous Yvonne coatigan using a knit coating from Julia’s shop. As soon as I saw Julia post this fabric, I had to have some, I love the colours and the checks, and knew it would make a snuggly coatigan that would fit into my wardrobe.

Yvonne coatigan pattern from Bobbins and Buttons

The fabric is a heavy weight knitted coating, its 100% polyester. I washed it on a normal 400C wash and tumbled dried it. It washed and dried fine, I used a low/medium heat for pressing the seams.

The Yvonne coatigan has a relaxed fit and comes in two lengths. There are two sleeve options; a ¾ length deep wide sleeve, which I have used, and a slim long sleeve. It has a high back neck and three pocket options. The instructions are easy to follow, with text and photos, and it came together as I would expect.

Yvonne coatigan pattern from Bobbins and Buttons

Yvonne coatigan pattern from Bobbins and Buttons

Now, because of the checks I wanted to try and pattern match across the front and back. To do this I cut my back piece first and made a note of the checks at the bottom of the pattern piece on the side edges. I also pinned my fabric together before cutting making sure my checks matched up on the front and the back. This is because I cut the back piece on the fold.

To cut the front pieces I lined up the bottom of my front side with the same check position as the back. I am really pleased with my pattern matching! Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough fabric to pattern match the pockets, but I don’t think this is noticeable.  

Yvonne coatigan pattern from Bobbins and Buttons

Yvonne coatigan pattern from Bobbins and Buttons

As the fabric is quite ‘bouncy’ I under stitched and edgestitched the facing to the front of the coat to help prevent the facing turning outwards, see the photo below.

Yvonne coatigan pattern from Bobbins and Buttons

My measurement are; bust 99cm, waist 86cm and hips 112cm – based on these I made a size M bust graded to a L at the waist. I am very happy with the fit.

I love how my Yvonne coatigan has turned out and the fabric is so warm and soft. This coatigan is going to get a lot of wear. I definitely recommend both the Yvonne pattern and the fabric if you are after a snuggly warm coatigan. I would say its suitable for a confident beginner too. I hope this has been useful and I look forward to seeing more Yvonne’s.

Thanks for reading, Rebecca x

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