The rest of the #therefashioners2017 outfit.

It was a couple of weeks ago that I posted my refashioner entry just before the deadline of the competition. I was pleased with the finished result especially as it had been a last minute idea and a somewhat pressurised make!

I have a small obsession with only wearing me made clothes when I share my wardrobe makes on my blog. I’m pretty sure that I haven’t posted any outfit that includes any shop bought element other than shoes, tights and general accessories. So even though I was working to a tight deadline I decided to share my refashioner jacket worn with more handmade makes. I had a couple of options in my wardrobe that I could wear with it if I had completely run out of time, but I liked the idea of completing some of the things I was working on to wear with it.

A few weeks ago I wrote about my Vogue 8774 jeans which turned out to be more ‘boyfriend’ fit than close fit, which hadn’t been part of the plan. I already had my next pair lined up. Fabric washed and plan to size down sorted. They seemed like an ideal partner to my new jacket. As I had already had a test run of making them I decided to push them to the front of the queue.

This pair did go together more quickly than the first as the making process was still fairly fresh in my mind. These are also stretch denim this time a black version. I decided to simply down size the pattern to the next size as I am happy with the overall fit and shape of the first pair, they were just slightly to loose.

The one thing I hadn’t thought about when I was ready to start sewing was the top stitching thread. I used a pale pink top stitch thread on my first pair which looked like white against the dark navy. I was thinking about grey or a khaki colour, however as I was ready to sew I had to go with thread from my thread box .. there wasn’t much choice, leftover pale pink and a few oddments of other colours.  Then I spotted a large reel of deep red heavy silk thread. I’ve had this thread for a long time and know exactly where I bought it from.  Its probably at least twenty five years ago, one of Aquascutums manufacturers in Kettering used to have amazing bolt end sales. They were one of my favorite events. They would attract hoards of ladies and sell top quality beautiful fabrics at as little as £1 a metre. Even then this was an incredible bargain for pure wool coating and high end dressmaking fabrics. The way they measured out the fabric was also more than generous, a metre was more like two. Before you paid for your bin bags full of fabric there was a table full of threads, buttons and trims also sold for next to nothing and this is where I bought this huge reel of gorgeous silk thread. I tested it on a scrap piece of denim and really liked it.

The fit on this pair is much more what I was hoping for when I made my original pair.. Slightly snug but they ease with wear.

The top is a pattern I cut for a dress which I plan to make in printed denim and now having made this I like the idea of a linen one too. I always had in mind that I would make a top version of this pattern.  A simple ivory linen version was just what I needed to go with the jacket. My dress version has 3/4 sleeves, I extended them to full length for this top so they showed below the sleeves of the jacket. I faced the hem edge and created deep vents in the side. I think these are two new versatile wardrobe stables .

Nothing like a deadline to motivate a making spree. It was a tight call on this one, but I’m happy with the end results.


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Julia Claridge

I was about 6 or 7 years old when I had my first go on a sewing machine, it was an old hand crank machine that my mum used with her patients, she was an occupational therapist. I still vividly remember watching with amazement as the tiny perfectly formed stitches were created as I turned the handle. I Grew up in the 70’s and 80’s when buying clothes was less affordable and dressmaking was an answer to updating your wardrobe more regularly. My own mother was a talented dressmaker who made most of my clothes and my sisters clothes as well as a many for herself. I soon got involved with making my clothes, I loved the whole experience of picking out fabrics, trims and a pattern to create a new outfit, then going home to make a new garment or outfit. When it came to leaving school I visited a careers advisor who asked what I wanted to do next. My answer was ..Sew! Read more...

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