Repair, Remake, Create sewing course



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This course focuses on repairing and remaking damaged or unloved items of clothing and textiles.

Level 1

Bring your own items of clothing that are damaged or unloved. Learn repair and mending techniques or use the time to create something new from an unloved item or items of clothing.

Ideas for class projects:

  • Broken zips
  • Loose hemlines
  • Trouser or skirt lengthening or shortening
  • Holes – visible mending or discreet mending
  • Missing buttons
  • Garment resizing
  • Garment creation from unworn items

Bring several projects, some projects may require items being bought such as replacement zips. Others may be quick to achieve so you can do more than one project in a session. Some may be better prepared or unpicked outside class time in preparation for the next class.

Machines will be provided to use. You can bring your own machine to learn on if you would like to.

Class times – 2pm – 4.30pm



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