The kids wardrobe – Princess party – July 2015!

The long awaited Party!

From early July last year my daughter had started contemplating the next birthday party and age 5 and 1 day decided it would be a princess party. As the time drew closer (well about January time!!) the subject of the party was the talk of the drive to school, especially the dress!

The theme of princess never waived and as with most little ‘nearly’ 6 year old girls her favourite colour is PINK!! I had a scout round on eBay for pink sparkly fabric suitable for princesses and stumbled upon some very sparkly sequined embellished net fabric. I was quite surprised how cheap it was, then I noticed it was from Thailand and took 6-8 weeks delivery time. I was about to reject it and then realised I had more than enough time before the party to order and make the dress. Order placed! To my surprise it arrived in the space of 2 weeks. Ella’s reaction was perfect, she was speechless followed by just so excited.

Preparations began early in order to make sure we had everything sorted out for the big day. The great thing this year was that some of the party prep became ‘activities’! This made this  extravaganza feel even more worthwhile!



One of the first things to be created were the marshmallow trees! We formed an orderly line in the kitchen. We had Joseph (aged 3) on the end turning marshmallows on their end and creating rows. Followed by Ella who was employed to insert a cocktail stick into the marshmallow and pass to me who pushed it into a large polystyrene ball on the end of a ribbon covered piece of doweling. The process started quite well but ended up being …turn one – eat one – turn one – eat one!

We didn’t run out of marshmallows though. The doweling sticks are on clay filled cut down lemonade bottles which take up most of the space in the vase. Once stable in the vase we poured in mini marshmallows to cover the base. The whole tree was then covered with a plastic bag to ensure marshmallows weren’t discovered by any insects.



Then we had the party bag fun! Firstly we had to think of a princess name for all the girls and a gallant  knight name for all the boys! We even did a German translation for her best school friend.

Then I had help filling the bags! Well that was kind of mayhem, but the job got completed ..somehow!


We even got creative with our balloons. With the aid of a small funnel and a pack of silver glitter we turned clear balloons into silver sparkly balloons.


Then of course there was the cake. Complete with mini marzipan Ella, she wanted her brother by her side..aww!


We ‘pinked’ and ‘sparkled’ the party tent. This comes out pretty much every party now. Its a normal camping tent with an internal room. Each party it is decorated to the theme of the party. The kids love it!

This year I added swaths of pale pink net and organza and lined the floors with hot pink sequin spot. The addition of 200 fairy lights and about 50 balloons and the palace was ready.


So…. the night before the party. Sequin dress complete. The one thing I learnt while making this dress was that the combination of sequins on fine net meant that pulling a gather thread around the waist was impossible. Everytime I got near a sequin the thread snapped or wouldn’t move. In the end I had to pleat it as I stitched which luckily worked quite sucessfully. I lined it in pale pink satin and added a sash in the same fabric.


As for Joseph, well his big sister had convinced him that the best knight at the party would be wearing pink! Something he decided was completely right. The planned new shirt was rejected and at the 11th hour I was scouring eBay looking for something that would make them both happy. When I  found this pink dragon print cotton I felt like I had hit the jackpot. Sure enough both kids liked it and I was very lucky that the seller agreed to ship it virtually over night.


Party day finally arrived and the sun shone. To start the party there was a selection of stick on gems, glitter glue and pens available along with cardboard tiaras and shields ready to be decorated by all the attending royalty.


A red carpet lined the way to the royal pink palace!


The teepees came out and swords were provided for gallant knights to fight for the heart of their princess! Or princesses to fight for the heart of their knight!


I waved my fairy godmother magic wand and transformed my sewing room into a baqueting hall to serve a feast befitting of these special guests!


Cheese stars…


and ham hearts


were accompanied by vegetable sticks in glitter pots. A simple update to some boring ‘standby’ plastic cups found in the back of the cupboard.



The cake tower was filled with raspberry and coconut cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes and coffee and walnut cupcakes (randomly Ella’s favourite flavour)! My trick is to use expresso coffee powder and when it says dilute one teaspoon of coffee with boiling water actually dilute about two tablespoons. I think its the only way to make the cakes properly taste of coffee. Edible butterflies and crowns adorned the cakes.


We had pass the parcel.


and a pinata.




Followed by cake!!


One happy princess and…


… a happy pink knight both had a fantastic day.


And after all of that there was still a whole load of pressies to unwrap! A really great day…it was worth all the effort 🙂




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